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Net Farm Income:

On August 30, USDA forecast the 2018 net farm income at $65.7 billion — the third lowest level over the 2009-2018 period. This is a decline of $9.8 billion from last year.

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Cotton Farming: Handle with Care

Delivery of contamination-free bales to our textile mill customers is a must for U.S. cotton to compete against other growths and man-made fibers.

How does contamination relate to U.S. cotton’s value?

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Remember 9/11

The Brownfield Fire Dept. paid tribute to September 11 on Tuesday by flying our flag high with the ladder truck.


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Safe and Secure

When new Brownfield ISD Superintendent Chris Smith was touring each of the district’s buildings early in his tenure, something immediately struck him. “The first thing I noticed was that at

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Tower down...

First responders and electrical workers were called to the scene of a downed communications tower Wednesday afternoon at Brownfield Seed and Delinting. The tower landed on and folded over electrical

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Crop reports from around the state from AgFax

Josh McGinty, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agronomist, Corpus Christi: “We’re 95% picked from Victoria south. We’re up against boll weevil stalk destruction dates, so a few growers may get extensions

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Celebrate Cotton Runway Show set for September 13

Cotton Game tickets on sale More than 40 models will strut the runway wearing the latest in cotton fashion in the fourth annual Celebrate Cotton Runway Show, scheduled for Thursday,

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