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Supplemental funding legislation draws from ‘Rainy Day Fund’

AUSTIN — A few of the funding priorities expressed by the executive, legislative and judicial branches are not covered in Senate Bill 2, the state’s tentatively approved appropriations bill for

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******** The Houston Chronicle on expanding education opportunities in West Texas: We all have a vested interest in the expansion of higher education programs in the Lone Star State even

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Man jailed for 3rd DWI

A Brownfield man remains behind bars on felony charges after he was arrested for his third driving while intoxicated offense. Francisco Manchaca, 50, also faces charges of parole violation and

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Brownfield and Terry County residents, along with their neighbors across the South Plains and Panhandle, endured the highest sustained winds in recent memory on Wednesday with continuous speeds of 40-plus

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Generations on the land

It is not all that hard to locate three generations of farmers that have stayed in one county to farm. But, when you are talking six generations, that is something

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Conaway talks Farm Bill at WTPGA event

Former Chairman of the House Ag Committee and current Ranking Member Mike Conaway was the featured speaker at the West Texas Peanut Growers Annual Meeting on Friday in Seminole. Conaway

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