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It’s time to point out the PRIDE of the Cubs

and Instructor. Together we have one son, Colby, age 13 and we do our best to instill those values we learned early in life in him as well. Our son

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Attendance Attendance is probably the most effective measure of student success in school. If students are not in attendance, then they miss instruction time. That time is not ever recaptured.

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Move Over. Slow Down.

We see videos all the time of how a police officer or first responder barely misses death from a vehicle that didn’t slow down and move over.

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2020 Election in full swing

2020 is Leap Year, that means there will be one extra day this year. It also gives us extra day in Texas to figure out who to vote for in the primary election.

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Brownfield man wanted out of Odessa

Odessa Police are searching for a man wanted for assault and kidnapping who has ties to Brownfield. According to Odessa police, Jonathan Castillo, 33, tried to force a 37-year-old woman into a vehicle while she was screaming.

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BISD Shuts Down Due to Flu

Brownfield ISD Superintendent Chris Smith had to make a tough decision on Thursday afternoon in reference to shutting down all BISD campuses due to a flu outbreak in the community.

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Get to know the candidates...

The Brownfield News asked the three Terry County Sheriff Republican Primary Candidates Sheriff Timothy Click, Brownfield PD Detective Jeff Rolan, and Brownfield PD Patrol Sergeant Matthew “Big Matt” Valdonado to answer two questions regarding thei

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