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Democracy shouldn’t limit voters’ choices

Though our political system has largely functioned for well over 200 years, many of us wonder how — and perhaps even whether — we can escape its current dysfunctional state.

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The Wall Street Journal on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political farce... If you’re going to condemn someone else in politics, or any other walk of life, you should have your

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Opioid crisis affects elderly

The focus of the opioid crisis in the U.S. is on younger victims. But, according to senior advocate Dan Weber “the substance abuse epidemic is having a growing impact on

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Meadow student to attend Leadership Camp

Jimmy German, a student at Meadow ISD has been selected to travel to Houston/Galveston to participate in a summer 2019 Lone Star Leadership Academy camp. Jimmy’s selection was based on

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Hemp law did not decriminalize marijuana

Weeks after Texas prosecutors began dropping hundreds of marijuana cases and stopped actively pursuing criminal charges because of complications that arose from legalizing hemp, the state’s leaders have stepped into

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New rule requires physical to play in marching bands

Starting in August, high school physicals will no longer just apply to students who know how to throw a football or dunk a basketball. You’ll need one if you play

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