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Get to Know Your 2022 Harvest Festival Queen Candidates

Representing Arnold Community Educational Services, Kaylee Suarez. Kaylee is the daughter of Terry Suarez & Kelly Suarez. She is a senior at Meadow High School where she is a Varsity Cheerleader, and a member of the basketball and track teams. Kaylee’s future plans include to one day open and run her own boutique. Her favorite experience of Harvest Festival has been getting closer to the girls that she may have not had the opportunity to know without this opportunity.

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Brownfield receives visit from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Liz Adams Brownfield residents were invited to meet with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Tuesday during his stop at the Platinum H Steakhouse as part of a 131-city bus tour across Texas that began in August. Patrick’s campaign travel ahead of elections in November also included Plainview and Levelland. Rural voters have been the focus of the tour.

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Before You Break Out New Ground,Ensure Your Farm Meets Conservation Compliance

The term “sodbusting” is used to identify the conversion of land from native vegetation to commodity crop production after December 23, 1985. As part of the conservation provisions of the Food Security Act of 1985, if you’re proposing to produce agricultural commodities (crops that require annual tillage including one pass planting operations and sugar cane) on land that has been determined highly erodible and that has no crop history prior to December 23, 1985, that land must be farmed in accordance with a conservation plan or system that ensures no substantial increase in soil erosion.

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Honoring our First Responders

For most of us, some days are identifiable simply by stating a set of numbers. Some of our older readers have memories indelibly etched and totally recalled by the simple code of 12/7/41. They can vividly remember where they were and what they were doing as the news of that day blared its bulletins across the radios of this nation. Many more, the baby boomers among us, have the day of 11/22/63 etched forever in memories. And again with little effort, they remember where they were in every detail that November day with news coming out of Dallas.

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Living in Terry County the Longest - Bobbie Hicks

was born in Terry County and lived here all 98 years of her life.

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Brownfield Tennis prepares for district showdown

Brownfield Tennis got some practice in to prepare for a district match up on Tuesday, September 6. The boys team played Reagan County in a scrimmage and the girls team played Monohans in a scrimmage as well. No score was kept in either scrimmage.

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