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ACES- Continuing to plan & prep for Harvest Festival & their queen candidate!

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July 20 - July 24

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Letter to the Editor

My name is Eric Osborne of Brownfield, Tx. and I would like to reply to the article [Opinion piece] by Eric Horton in the last issue [July 12] of the Brownfield News. The division in our country really bothers me, but I know it is not new. Our second and third Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (both founding fathers) were so different in their concept of the constitution and governments duty their good friend Dr. Benjamin Rush called them the North and South Poles of the constitution.

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Life in the Oilfield

I spent some time in my youth working in the oil fields of west Texas primarily on ‘pulling units’, also known as well servicing rigs. They are so called because they function to repair problems that impair the production of that black gold we value so much. Too much down time on an existing well is a major pain in an oil company’s pocketbook.

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New Pima cotton interest could bring cotton fungus to Texas Plains

The Texas Plains cotton-growing region is not known for raising Pima varieties of cotton, but an increasing interest in the crop has Texas A&M AgriLife officials concerned the newcomer will bring with it a yield-limiting fungus that could be introduced to the larger Upland cotton growing area.

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Linda Politte Finley

January 20, 1934 - July 16, 2020

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Mildred Houston Hagan

December 5, 1935 - July 12, 2020

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