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Letter to the Editor

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Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

Looks like families firing fireworks on road to cemetery just forgot to pick up their fireworks trash and beer cans??

This time you got on private property and a state highway. A funeral going down the road and driving in trash shows how Brownfield respects a funeral. I did not see one family come back the next day and help clear (the trash) up. I guess too many beers??

The County had a street sweeper clearing the road Thursday morning. Last year I picked up two pick-up loads and this year I was unable to clean the road due to my health. I guess next year the County could write down car and pick-up tag numbers and have the Sheriff’s Office send a warrant to your house???

For several years I have been locating Veterans graves so that they would have a American Flag placed at the Veterans grave site. Someone has damaged a marker in the Mt. Zion I cemetery, and as usual left a few beer cans. There is a lot of history of the old grave sites and some day I want to walk a few people in the old cemeteries. Maybe then Terry County people will have a little more respect for the deceased.

Bill Edgar