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Oil and Gas Production Statistics for September

AUSTIN –– Production for September 2018 as reported to the Railroad Commission of Texas is 85,096,543 barrels of crude oil and 591,183,972 mcf (thousand cubic feet) of total gas from

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Five expenses you can do without if you want financial freedom

Monthly bills turn many Americans into jugglers. Paying for rent, food, or other necessities is a common problem, with 40 percent of Americans struggling to pay for at least one

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Yield decline projected for six major crops

Farmers in some regions of the country could see higher short-term productivity because of a warming climate, but crops and livestock face greater risks if more steps aren’t taken to

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Gas prices drop

The streak has hit seven weeks: gas prices are down, yet again. The national average price for a gallon of gasoline is down 7.8 cents per gallon over the last

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Senior Menus

Monday Chicken & Dumplings Carrots English Peas Tuesday Pork Tenderloin Okra and Tomatoes Red Bliss Potatoes Wednesday Enchiladas Rice Beans Thursday Chicken Strips Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy Green Beans Friday

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News Briefs

Terry County Retired Teachers Association will hold their regular meeting on Tuesday, December 4 at 11 a.m. at the Terry County Senior Center. Brownfield Mayor Geronimo Gonzales will be the

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OPYA Menus

Monday Cheeseburgers Normandy Blend Mandarin Oranges Tuesday Herb Chicken Whole Grain Biscuits Green Beans Sliced Peaches Wednesday Salisbury Steak Wheat Bread Corn Fruit Cocktail Thursday Hot Dogs Baked Beans Pineapple

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