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Rural Texas highways give us a reliable path to the pump

Your car’s next tank of gas is on its way to you. You can be assured of that, even though the journey it takes to get there is a sometimes arduous one.

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The Dallas Morning News on antivaxxers:

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BIDCorp approves incentive

The Brownfield Industrial Development Corp. approved a $10,000 grant for a new business that has occupied a long-standing local building. Doerksen Metal Components has begun operations in the former Racquetball

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Local charity begins again

The Brownfield and Terry County Good-fellows will soon begin, as per tradition, collecting toys, clothing, food and cash for the community’s less fortunate -- a holiday tradition we all can

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What’s my favorite food at Thanksgiving?

“Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.” “Turkey and cranberry sauce.” “My favorite food is my mom’s bread stuffing cooked in the turkey.” “Dressing and my mom’s buttermilk pie.” “My mama’s dressing.”

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Every Thanksgiving night, as we sit around the living room after eating enough turkey and stuffing that most members of the family are in serious danger of either passing out

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