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Covid 19 Update


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It's Time to Scout

Coach Morin transforms from varsity coach to talent scout when summer rolls around. Morin started his baseball camp and is using it to scout upcoming young talent for next year’s Cubs baseball team.

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Wellman-Union new Girls Basketball coach

With the departure of former Wellman-Union Head Girls Basketball Coach Landry Kidd, the Lady Cats now have a new leader. Coach Josh Bailey will lead the Lady Cats into battle next season.

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Senior Hayride

2022 seniors last ride around Brownfield together. 

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Election Results

The primary election results are in!

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Flying Tire Smashes Window

An 18 wheeler was cruising down the road when suddenly one of their tires came off the axle and flew all the way through the Domino’s window! You can’t make this stuff up! The workers at the Domino’s witnessed the flying tire first hand!

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A tornado was spotted near Meadow during yesterday evening's storm.

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