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Cleveland on Cotton

Cotton is testing higher prices as weather factors have severely restricted the availability of U.S. premium quality high grades. Too, world supplies are expected to be lower in the next

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Multiple online Ag CEU courses offered in November

The Texas A&M Agri Life Extension Service ecosystem science and management unit is offering Texas Department of Agriculture continuing education units, or CEUs, for private applicators online in November instead

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Orthodontists Wince As Do-It-Yourself Teeth-Straightening Trend Continues

The idea of do-it-yourself braces may seem cringe worthy to many adults, but a quick search of YouTube shows that plenty of young people still think straightening your own teeth

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There’s really nothing like a Friday night in West Texas for a few months in the Fall. High school football is played across the nation, but no place takes the

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Officials observe anniversary of Hurricane Harvey at Rockport church

AUSTIN — August 25 marked one year since Hurricane Harvey’s battering winds and torrential rains brought death and destruction to coastal and inland counties of Texas. Repairs and rebuilding in

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The Arizona Republic on the passing of Senator John McCain: John McCain was a larger-than-life senator with larger-than-life influence on the world. His impact on politics and America’s place on

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58th Terry County Reunion a success

The 58th Annual Terry County Reunion was held at the American Legion Hall on Saturday, August 25. All reports were that a great time was had by all who attended.

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