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  • Another hazmat spill draws responders
    For the second time in as many months, hazmat workers in protective full-body suits were in Brownfield to control a dangerous situation on the railroad tracks just a block from downtown.

    Dispatchers were alerted to the situation at 10:43 a.m. when callers reported chemicals spewing from a rail car and injured persons.
  • Burrows selected to represent Dist 83
    A seven-person committee on Thursday chose the Republican nominee to replace Charles Perry as the State Representative of Texas House Dist. 83.

    Lubbock attorney Dustin Burrows will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot and his victory is all but guaranteed as their is no Democratic opponent for the seat.
  • Students head back to school Monday
    Brownfield students have one more weekend to enjoy the the last lazy days of summer, but their teachers went back to work weeks ago in preparation for the 2014-15 school year.

    Students of all ages will report for the first day of school Monday.
  • $44 million bond proposed
    With a unanimous vote Monday night, the Brownfield Regional Medical Center board of directors opted to let the people of Terry County decide whether or not to fund a new hospital with a $44 million bond election in November.

    The decision to move forward on a new medical facility to serve the community comes after years of planning, dozens of meetings over the last several months and a two-hour in-depth discussion Monday night.
  • Bike rally draws 7,000+
    More than 7,000 people enjoyed the sixth annual 4B Wild West Bike Rally held outside Brownfield over the weekend.

    Organizer Steve Trevino said the event was a success and he expects it to continue to grow in the years to come.
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