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  • Mosquitos becoming biting problem

    Water still stands in small pools all around Brownfield and Terry County as a reminder of the wet spell that has lasted for weeks and brought with it cooler than normal temperatures over the last month.

    Although the moisture is considered much needed by many residents in West Texas, the rainfall has the potential of producing millions upon millions more little issues -- mosquitoes.

  • Brownfield Pool to open Saturday

    One of the city’s most popular Summer destinations -- Brownfield Family Aquatic Center -- will open to eager swimmers of all ages Saturday.

    After months of driving by the empty pool, area youth finally will be able to splash into its cool water, zip down its twisty slides and float around its lazy river beginning at 1 p.m. Saturday when the gates open for Summer 2015.

  • Your 2015 Mr.(s) and Mrs. Cub are...
    Taking home the highest honors at the annual BHS Athletic Banquet Tuesday night were Co-Mr. Cubs Aaron Aguirre and Bobby Bruns and Ms. Cub Mallorie Ellis.
  • Challengers oust incumbents in BRMC race
    Two longtime incumbents were ousted from the local hospital board Saturday, while a third kept her seat in yet another contentious election cycle featuring Brownfield Regional Medical Center at the top of the ballot.
  • Area sees flooding after heavy rains
    A good old fashioned gully washer moved over the area Monday afternoon, leaving flooded roads in communities across the South Plains and even cancelling classes in at lease one area school district.
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