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  • Wet weather here for a few days
    Brownfield residents awoke to wet sidewalks and cool air Tuesday morning after overnight showers dropped just under a quarter inch of moisture across the city.

    The Lubbock office of the National Weather Serviec reported .23 inches of rain in Brownfield, with heavier amounts recorded farther north in the Panhandle.
  • Appraisals up (mostly)
    Local appraisal values are a mix of increases and decreases for each of the 15 taxing entities within Terry County this year, according to a report obtained by the Brownfield News.

     Chief Appraiser Ronnie Burran said as a whole, the certified appraisals were better news for area local entities than preliminary projections showed.
  • Hazardous Situation
    A small crowd of local emergency responders watched a pair of hazmat workers in protective suits close a faulty valve leaking hydrochloric acid and vapor into the air just blocks from Brownfield’s downtown Friday morning.

    The hazardous operation took half an hour and a sizeable pipe wrench to close the valve, once the specialists set up a mobile command station near the train tracks about 100 yards from the leaking railcar.
  • Dozens hired at BISD meeting
    The winds of change blew strong through the Brownfield ISD Administration Building on Thursday morning as the school board accepted the resignations of 16 former employees and then hired exactly twice that number for the next school year.
  • Pumping to begin again at Lake Meredith
    It was headline news several years ago when, for the first time in decades, the pumps drawing water from Lake Meredith were shut off.

    Now, the lake’s governing board will start them back up after recent rains have seen the lake rise by almost more than 15 feet since its all time low last August.
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