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5 Things to Know in December

1 CHRISTMAS IN AMERICA Christmas was not celebrated in America to a great degree in the late 1700s to early 1800s. It was seen as unpatriotic, as the main traditions

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In the newspaper business, there is a term we use when talking about where stories will be placed on the front page. “Above the fold” is where our top stories

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Talk with a financial advisor

A recent survey showed that 71% of Americans were afraid to talk with a financial advisor. Nearly half of them said that they thought it would wind up costing them

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Texas needs legislation to combat bots — immediately

Texas legislators have filed hundreds of bills in anticipation of the 2019 legislative session. None of them addresses the increasing flow of misleading and false information that is being spread

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Editorials from newspapers around the state and nation ******** The Dallas Morning News on the approaching legislative session: You’d think with so many serious issues facing Texas, Austin lawmakers would

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State savings account swells to $12.5 billion

As Texas’ savings account swelled to a record high of $12.5 billion this week, a group of state lawmakers on Friday unanimously agreed that the state should leave more than

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2019 SPUWCD conservation calendars are now available

Come and Get it! The 2019 South Plains Underground Water Conservation District calendars will be available and ready to be picked up the first week of December 2018. Each year

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