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Psalm 23:1-3


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When you develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit and maintain a steady diet of God’s Word, the Lord will speak things to your heart. For example, I was praying

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This week 231 years ago, September 17, 1787 to be exact, the Constitution of the United States was formally adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The Federal Convention actually

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Weather system prompts Texas to prepare for hurricane season

AUSTIN — Before Hurricane Florence reached the shores of the Carolinas last week, Gov. Greg Abbott focused on the Gulf of Mexico, where an inbound tropical disturbance threatened the southern

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The San Antonio Express-News on school finance: Gov. Greg Abbott has addressed the need to improve public education in Texas and the need for the state to increase its responsibility

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Conley Wayne Fillingim

Conley Wayne Fillingim, 68, passed away Saturday, September 15, 2018 in Lubbock, TX. A celebration of life service was held at First Baptist Church in Brownfield on Tuesday, September 18,

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Jimmy Carlton Sterling

Jimmy Carlton Sterling was born to the late Ruby and Earl Sterling in November of 1941 in Paris, TX. He passed away September 13, 2018 in Brownfield. His family moved

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