What began with an archery program is now branching out into other sports including rifle and pistol shooting as well as a possible skeet shooting program.

The Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service is currently gearing up to extend the sporting program, but is still looking for equipment as well as a place to practice and volunteers to help teach techniques.

The most important part of the program is safety.

“This first thing we have to consider is safety,” AgriLife Extension Agent Mary Collier said. “We don’t want any to happen that we can prevent.”

Collier said she will send volunteers to training in Lubbock in March and that the training event is almost two days in length. She said the cost of training is $120 and that her office is handling the cost. For those volunteers who have a conceal and carry license, the cost is $10 less due to the screening process.

Collier said her office is looking for a minimum of two leaders to be trained per each discipline.  They are also still looking for safety equipment as well as firearms for the project.  

So far they have held two varmint hunts to raise funds for the upcoming project.