Web site blues have become a little more understandable for us at this newspaper. After several years of dealing with a company that built and maintained our websites, the owner decided that he wanted to go in a different direction and gave us notice last fall.

We began looking for another provider who had sites close to the one we were using so that the change would be easier for us, our web readers and subscribers. All of this was happening as Obamacare debuted their national site and we all know that it proved to be a huge bust. This after our government had contracted a company and paid them hundreds of millions of dollars to get it up and right.

While we didn’t have quite that much money in our budgets to develop and operate our new web sites, we sought out a company with a working compilation of other newspaper sites. We were also looking for one with features that would be as close to the ones we have used for the last few years as possible.

We looked at several companies, trying out what they were offering and negotiating prices until we decided on working with a company named 1Up. After coming to terms, we began to work with their designers and programers to incorporate those features that we had both agreed to incorporate.

As with all changes, some of the new site’s features are better than what we had been using and some others aren’t quite the same. Mostly, I think the new site has some more user friendly aspects. Some are so different that it will take a few times of using the site to get used to the differences. All of this is our way of asking everyone who uses our sites, a trend that grows every month, to have patience and allow the newness to wear off and become familiar.

As we have done for the last several years, we offer breaking news, newspaper pages in a pdf format, and an e-edition option that allows readers to read the paper in sequence. The new site also gives our Tweeters space so that readers can keep up with some stories as they are happening. This feature has seen our sports reporters keep up a quarter by quarter scoring update.

We are also looking into several other features and options that will allow us to offer news in as up-to-date formats as possible. We are also members of the Associated Press and use these news feeds on a daily basis, which gives our sites and our papers the ability to keep up with state and national breaking news.

Again I realize that change is difficult for one and all, and in this case we have had some interruptions of this service. Please, again, bear with us as we are working hard to get these sites right and to be the best possible news platforms available for our most important people on this planet, our readers.

Thanks for your support. Our web sites will continue to grow and we will try some new techniques along the way. Both the Brownfield News and the Seminole Sentinel are committed to offering our communities the best coverage available from any source on this planet. And that is a responsibility we take with all seriousness.


Sunday’s Super Bowl was a bomb. The game, which in many ways is just one of the elements and almost a side show in many ways, was not competitive. From the opening play, the whole deal went downhill.

While I was hoping that the former Texas Tech players would have good games, I really didn’t have a dog in the fight. Wes Welker did well. I think he made eight catches in the game and caught a pass to put two extra points on the score board. His teammates just couldn’t seem to get into the moment..

It was evident from the start that the Seahawks had speed on their side. Well, in truth, on both sides of the ball during the contest. They were just too fast in practically every facet of play.

The game wasn’t all that good, but my family had a great time. Three of our grandsons and surprisingly a couple of our granddaughters sat with the adults and watched the game, the commercials, and the half time. All of them were engaged and active in a running conversation with questions and comments that made the three hours an enjoyable time.

Most of the commercials didn’t seem as good as those of past Super Sundays. Still, some were funny and watching the youngsters in my family laugh along proved to be a great time. Added to the company enjoyed was a lot of really good food.

The game was a bust, but the family time this event brought about proved to be a memorable Sunday evening.