East Broadway was a center of activity Thursday afternoon as local law enforcement scoured the area looking for clues trying to piece together bits of information concerning an  altercation that occurred just yards away from the Brownfield Police Station and the Brownfield Boys and Girls Club.
At about 4:18 p.m. on Thursday, Brownfield police were visited by a 49-year-old male victim who claimed he had just been stabbed in the arm by someone at a residence located across the street from the station.
Not divulging the name of the victim, police said he was looking at a vehicle at or near the 300 block of E. Broadway. The alleged victim claimed to be talking to the 45-year-old female resident about the car when another male appeared on the scene.
An altercation between the subject and victim transpired with the subject allegedly stabbing the victim in his upper left arm with an unknown object.  The subject then fled the scene and the victim walked over to the police station to report the incident.
The victim was taken to Brownfield Regional Medical  Center where he was treated and released.
Police Chief Tony Serbantez said that a case would be filed with the Terry County Attorney’s Office regarding the incident.