The Meadow Broncos defeated the Ropes Eagles Friday night 60-49, landing the Meadow in second place for district.
The girls, on the other hand, lost their battle on the hardwood against the Lady Eagles 40-30.
The first quarter for the girls was a little slow as they were only able to put six on the board against the Lady Eagles’ defense.  Ropes was able to do a little better with 9.  The second quarter was a soft one for Meadow as they were only able to put 3 on the board compared to Ropes’ 11.  The third quarter was where the Lady Broncos put out their best effort with 11 points on the board compared to Ropes’ nine.  The final quarter belonged to Ropes who scored 11 while the Lady Broncos were able to score 10.
The leading scorer for the Lady Broncos was Jasmine Fields with nine points.
The boys put on a great showing Friday starting in the first quarter with 14 boards against the Eagles’ defense while the Cougars were only able to put 11 on the board.  The second quarter was a domination with the Broncos scoring 18 to Ropes’ 5. The third quarter was a little closer with the boys scoring 12 and the Cougars scoring 11.  The final quarter did belong to Ropes, but too little too late.  Meadow scored 16 for the quarter while Ropes scored 22.
The leading scorers were Brandon Flores with 18 and Mason Davila with 18.
The Broncos will he at home with New Home Tuesday night.