With summer in full swing, the latest showers might have brought about another upside to celebrate.
Terry County Judge J.D. “Butch” Wagner said that due to the latest batch of rainfall,  the burn ban is temporarily lifted, but that regulations concerning controlled burning are still in effect and that includes contacting the Terry County Sheriff’s Department and burning only when the wind is below 20 miles per hour.
But the lifting of the burn ban also means Fourth of July festivities may include the use of fireworks within Terry County limits.
There are some exceptions to the rule, though, including a ban on fireworks within Brownfield city limits.
“There definitely are no fireworks allowed within Brownfield city limits,” Brownfield Fire Department Fire Chief Dennis Rowe said.
Thanks to the lit on the burn ban, Meadow City Administrator Terri McClanahan said Meadow is allowing fireworks within Meadow city limits but state regulations must be followed as well as using a little common sense.
McClanahan said the main regulation to follow is that fireworks should have no more than 50 mg of explosive material and that is the legal limit. She said it is about the size of an Aspirin tablet.
That restriction would disallow fireworks such as Cherry Bombs, M-80’s and Silver Salutes. Those, she said are outlawed by federal law.
As for the City of Wellman, an official at Wellman City Hall said they will not be holding a fireworks display due to ongoing construction.  
It was uncertain as to what the regulations would be on fireworks within city limits, but that Wellman was aware of the lift on the burn ban within Terry County.
Terry County Sheriff Larry Gilbreath said the biggest concerns have to do with being safe but also cleaning up after the festivities.
Gilbreath said to be aware of the surroundings and who is around when shooting fireworks.  Use common sense and be safe.
“Be cognizant of who the people around you,” Gilbreath said. I also encourage them to pick up their trash and take it to a dumpster.”
Wagner also commented on the issue of litter during the Fourth of July holiday.
“It costs Terry County a lot of money to clean up the area after the Fourth of July,” said Wagner. “Please make sure to clean up your mess.”