Officials and volunteers of the Brownfield Boys and Girls Club came one step closer to realizing their dream recently after enlisting the help of Lamesa Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Allean Jasmin-Maloy.
The local organization, currently housed at the Alamo Building on Broadway, has worked out a deal with the Lamesa chapter that will allow Jasmin-Maloy to direct both chapters.  The organizations will review the deal every six months and once the local Boys and Girls Club can stand alone, a new Executive Director will be hired specifically for Brownfield.
The process could take up to two years.
Officials of the local Boys and Girls Club addressed the Brownfield City Council Thursday to introduce Jasmin-Maloy and to hear her vision for the future of the organization.
 Boys and Girls Club Board President Sheryl Vaughan addressed the council and expressed her respect for the newly-appointed director.
“In January 2012 there was an organizational meeting to talk about a Boys and Girls Club in Brownfield,” said Vaughan. “The Executive Director from Lamesa was there to give advice and answer questions.  Since then whenever we talked about an Executive Director she popped into our minds.  She’s smart, savvy, approachable and has a common sense approach to dealing with kids and with parents...”
Jasmin-Maloy told the city council that she applauds the local volunteers and board members for their efforts to open a local chapter and that she hopes to have the doors open next month so that local children will have a place to go in the summer.
Once the doors are open, the summer hours will be 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. five days a week.  Once school is in session, the hours begin once school is out for the day and will be open until 7 p.m. five days a week.
They have also worked out an agreement with the South Plains Food Bank which will be bringing evening meals.  Jasmin-Maloy said that many kids don’t eat after they get lunch at school or until they go back for breakfast.
The reason the local organization is working with Jasmin-Maloy and the Lamesa chapter is because the Executive Director has over 10 years experience.  Another reason is that sharing an Executive Director is also cost effective.
Vaughan wanted to emphasize that funds donated in Brownfield will stay in Brownfield and that Jasmin-Maloy’s benefits will still be paid by Lamesa which will help keep the cost at a minimum.
Vaughan said currently the local organization has garnered over $100,000 in donations including matching funds, but still more is needed.
As the organization goes into the opening phase of development, costs will increase including revamps of the building as well as operational costs that will include hiring three part-time employees all of which will be local residents.
“We really want to maintain $100,000 in our operational account,” said Jasmin-Maloy. “We are working continuously to do that.”
Vaughan added that the national organization suggests having $250,000 in operational funds available and they are working to get there.
So far the local organization has overcome several obstacles to get to their current phase of development.  Obstacles have included getting a board together and garnering support that includes financial.
The board was created shortly after Enola Harrell got inspired to start a local organization.  Jasmin-Maloy said that both she and Harrell had many conversations in the early stages of development.
And as the organization gears up for an opening, Vaughan said there is no one more fit to assist the organization than Jasmin-Maloy.
“It’s more than a job to her,it’s her heart” Vaughan said referring to  Jasmin-Maloy. “We are so pleased and excited that she has accepted this task.”