The evening belonged to the Borden County Coyotes Tuesday as they bested the Wellman-Union Wildcats 75-20.
The first quarter belonged completely to Borden County who finished the frame with 21 compared to W-U’s five points.  The second quarter wasn’t much better for the ‘Cats who were only able to put one on the board compared to Borden County who walked away from the court with 23 points.  The third frame was another hit to the ‘Cats who were only able to drop nine on the board.  Borden County walked away with 23 for the frame.  The fourth quarter was once again dominated by Borden County who put 18 more on the board compared to W-U’s five points.
The top scorers for the night were Albert Alaniz with seven, closely followed by Vincent Tedford who scored six. On Friday night Wellman-Union will face Loop with a home court advantage.