Last week members of the community gathered at the Brownfield Independent School District’s Administration building for the Brownfield Independent School District’s Parental Engagement program.
The meeting was facilitated by BISD Parent Community Liaison Mercie Martin.
One of the featured speakers was BISD official Cathy Pope.
Pope, who is a counselor for the district as well as a testing coordinator, was there to inform parents about changes scheduled for upcoming ninth grade students concerning what options are available for graduation plans.
Ninth graders around Texas will find themselves with decisions to make concerning what path they will take to not only graduate high school, but also what kind of career field they may want to train for.
Pope said ninth graders will need to earn 22 credits for the foundation portion of the program and then choose endorsements, which would include earning credits in one of five areas that include a STEM segment (1 math or CTE math, 1 Science credit or CTE Science with two electives.  Another segment includes a Business and Industry  portion that includes earning 1 Math credit or CTE math, 1 Science or CTE Science credit with two electives.
Other segments include an Arts and Humanities endorsement, Public Services or a Multi-Disciplinary Studies endorsement with students earning one Math or CTE Math credit, one Science or CTE Science combined with two electives.
Another option is to go for the Distinguished program which would include earning an Algebra II credit as well as advance and dual credits.
Students may change their endorsements if they choose to, said Pope.
This week students will also be taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test. To graduate from high school students will need to take and pass End of Course (EOC) assessments for English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology and U.S. History.
“The future is now,” said Pope. “This means that in the State of Texas, we are getting our students to be college ready and also to be ready for the work world.”