While cooler than the arid weather outside, things were still heating up inside at the Terry County Show Barn Friday as music was spinning (thanks to Public Works Director Willie Herrera), the beat was jumping and the people who want an end to cancer were walking for a cure. This year’s event was held at the show barn to not only beat the heat, but also circumvent any possible inclement weather. “I’m excited about being in the show barn this year,” co-chairperson June Cooper told the Brownfield News. “We won’t have to worry about weather and the facility is air conditioned so we can take better care of our survivors, which is our main goal.” And while this year’s Relay for Life was an event of celebration for those who have survived the disease, it was also a time of remembrance for those whose race has already reached the finish line. Make no mistake, though, it was all about fighting for a cure. The event began last Tuesday with a survivor’s dinner hosted by Italian Garden Restaurant. Last Wednesday the effort continued with event officials who hosted a radio-thon on local internet radio station Town Talk. The event began at about noon and ran for about two hours with information and statistics about cancer and efforts to raise additional funds. Thursday included a kickball game between City of Brownfield and Terry County employees who came out to raise almost $60 for the event. The festivities continued Friday evening with a remembrance walk for those affected by the disease. Friday’s relay events began with a survivor’s dinner at the show barn and was catered by the Knights of Columbus. Co-chairperson Judy Besler said there were about 10 teams totaling about 100 members. There were many more, though, who didn’t register, but still took part in the event. One more event still ahead is the Brena Bruns Memorial Softball Game to be held June 6 p.m. 29 at Raul Franco Field. Another important event being held in conjunction with the relay this year is the Brena Bruns Memorial Softball Game to be held June 29 at Raul Franco Field. The Brownfield Lady Cubs will take on a team put together by KCBD’s Pete Christy for an “I Beat Pete” challenge. And while event planners aren’t sure how much was raised during the collection of events, it’s certain the yearlong planning that went into the affair was well worth it. That and the event will continue as long as there is yet to be a cure. “Our goal is to illuminate cancer,”said Besler.