Brownfield and Lamesa fans got their money’s worth in a packed Cub Gym Friday night as both games went down to the final tick of the clock before the Golden Tors and Lady Tors stole a pair of wins from the grasp of the home teams.
The Lady Cubs got off to a slow start against the Lady Tors, trailing 10-4 after one and 14-9 at the half.
But they put together a blistering third quarter, out-scoring the visitors, 14-4, to take a 23-18 lead into the final frame.
Brownfield was on top for the majority of the last quarter, until Lamesa tied it, then pulled ahead in the final minute.
The Lady Cubs inbounded with less than 10 seconds to go and put the ball in the hands of point guard Tessa Hope, but she was smothered by a double-team Lamesa defense and was forced to throw up an off-balance shot that went wide of the bucket when time ran out.
At the final buzzer, the Lady Tors took the District 4-2A win, 31-28, leaving the Lady Cubs with another disappointing loss in a game Head Coach Derek Faught thought they should have won, much like last week in Coahoma.
“We’re 1-2 right now and both our losses came down to the final seconds,” he said. “It’s frustrating because we’re making mistakes instead of finishing a game. We should be 3-0 in this district right now.”
The Lady Cubs were led on the night by Hope, with 12 points, including three buckets from in the paint and one behind the arc. She was 3-for-5 from the free throw line against Lamesa.
Lexi Cruz followed up with seven points in the contest, including two jumpers and a three-pointer.
Sloane Holt had five points, while Autumn Williams and Ashli Smith both had two.
The Lady Cubs will be on the road Friday to take on Stanton for Game 4 of the District 4-2A schedule.
Flat first half haunts Cubs
Overconfidence appeared to be the culprit that saw the Cubs fall behind in the first half of Friday night’s match-up with the Lamesa Golden Tors in a scrappy, foul-laden, overtime game to kick off the 2014 District 4-2A season for both squads.
The three-man referee crew nearly wore out their whistles in the game, calling 31 fouls in the first half alone -- 14 on the Cubs and 17 on the Tors.
By the end of the game, that total jumped to 57 fouls called -- 26 on the Cubs and 31 on the Tors.
Brownfield came from behind to finish the opening frame on top, 17-13, but let Lamesa back into it in the second quarter, heading to the locker room at the half trailing the Tors, 40-38.
The third quarter was neck and neck with the Tornadoes expanding their lead slightly, taking a 62-58 advantage into the final frame.
The Cubs out-scored the Tors, 13-9 in the quarter as the atmosphere grew more and more raucous as the play clock ebbed.
With under 10 seconds on the clock, Lamesa put up a jumper that rimmed out and then almost tipped in a pair of rebounds before the Cubs knocked the ball away.
With two seconds to go, Cub Jordan Demps fired a full-court pass to Korey Nolan, who had an open lane to the basket, but the pass had too much air under it and Nolan was unable to pull it in before the buzzer sounded the end to regulation.
In overtime, the Cubs went up by two and then stalled for almost two minutes, before running a play that turned the ball over to the Tors, who capitalized on the mistake with a bucket.
Lamesa won the overtime, 10-6 and took the district win, 81-77.
The Cubs were led by freshman Jezreel Griffin with 16 points and four rebounds.
Sha’Colby Hill had 14 points, while Malcolm Rainwater was good for 11 and Coby Serbantez had 10.
Jordan Demps, Josh Fininen and Cole Garcia had five each against the Tors. Nolan and J.T. Saenz had four each and Alex McCreary had three.
The Cubs were pushed around underneath the basket all night by Lamesa’s Jahlani Edwards, who had a game high 21 points and 18 rebounds.
The Cubs will travel to Stanton Friday night.