Local resident Raul Rojas works at a local auto parts store and his home air conditioning unit is on the fritz.
He hasn’t had cold air for the past few days and the reason why, he says, is because his kids broke it.
“They kept moving the thermostat back and forth,” he said mimicking the action of adjusting the thermostat with his fingers and laughing.
The job of fixing the unit will probably fall to his capable hands.
And those are really the stereotypical duties of the All-American dad.  He is expected to fix and mend or to die trying.
When asked why he likes being a dad, Rojas snapped back with a quick response that he loves the smiles he gets when he makes it all better again.
Standing there at the counter of the auto parts store with Rojas was his customer Jorge Munoz and his song Jorge Munoz, Jr.
Munoz and his son were at the store to purchase a new starter for the family wagon.
“I like to show my son how to fix things,” Munoz said. “I want to pass on what I know to him.”
His son smiled and had to agree that it was cool hanging out with his dad and learning the tools of the mechanical trade.
Mention Father’s Day and it brings to mind items such as ugly ties, socks, underwear and maybe the occasional fancy tool for the lucky pappa.
Having a day to honor dad and his contributions to the family unit is a great idea, but it can also be a time for dad to reflect on why he’s chosen to taken on one of the most difficult jobs out there.
Like Rojas and Munoz, many others mentioned the work they like to do for the why and the rewards of fatherhood, but still others just like to look back and say they enjoyed just having those kiddos around.
Friday around lunch Cecil Thomason decided he would head down to the Terry County Senior Community Center for a little fellowship.
When asked what he liked about being a father, Thomason hesitated a little and then mentioned that two of his children had died.  His daughter was still alive and that she had always been and always would be a daddy’s girl.
Sitting next to him was Darrell Wood who was asked the same question.
Wood replied (paraphrased here) that having children was basically it’s own reward.
They fix the cars, the air conditioners and the everyday problems of their living legacies and their forever daddy’s little girls.
“I like the responsibility and the smiles I get back,” Rojas said smiling  to himself. “I have to fix everything that is broken.”