They’re out there.
And City crews are ready to go to battle with them.
Mosquitos are taking over the skies at dusk each evening following two wet spells that have left puddles of water all over Brownfield.
In response, two city trucks will be spraying insecticide down local alleyways each morning and evening, according to Willie Herrera, public works director.
“We’ll have two rigs out twice a day to try to stay on top of the mosquitos,” he told the Brownfield News. “We’re not complaining about all the rain we’ve had, but it does lead to this problem. More water means more mosquitos.”
Herrera said the city’s trucks are equipped with sprayers that allow them to drive twice as fast as they used to, so residents shouldn’t be worried that less chemical is being applied.
“With this equipment, we can cover twice the area in the same amount of time and put out the same amount of spray,” he said. “That allows us to cover the whole city faster so your house can be sprayed three times a week instead of one or two.”
Herrera reminded citizens to do their part by dumping standing water around their homes, which serve as breeding pools if left unattended.
“If you’ll do your part, we’ll do our part and we can keep the problem from getting out of hand,” he said.