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  • Bikers revved up for Brownfield rally
    Brownfield’s horsepower will rise significantly Saturday as thousands of mot orcycles will converge southeast of the city for the sixth annual 4B Wild West Bike Rally.

    The rally -- quickly becoming one of the largest in the area -- will again be held inside the confines of West Texas Adventures, formerly Brownfield Country Club.
  • Taste of Terry County Vineyard Festival haled as success
    The second annual Taste of Terry County Vineyard Festival is in the books and organizers wasted no time in declaring the event an indisputable success.

    Early figures show more than 600 people participated in one facet of the day’s events or another, with a large portion visiting from out of town.
  • BISD gets free lunch
    The old saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

    Well, at least in Brownfield schools this year, the old saying is wrong.

    BISD announced this week that the school district qualified to participate in a new program provided by the United States Department of Agriculture and the texas Department of Agriculture known as community Eligibility Provision.
  • Adam Stevens hired for Misdemeanor Investigator
    To make the office more efficient, handle cases faster and save some money in the process, Terry County Attorney Jo’Shae Ferguson-Worley addressed Terry County Commissioners recently to request a new position be created that would combine both the Misdemeanor Clerk position as well as the Misdemeanor Investigator position.
  • Car chase leads to felony arrest
    One Brownfield man is in jail following a high speed pursuit that began in Brownfield and ended in Meadow.
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