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  • Tempers flare at Council meeting

    If HOT funds are designated for entertaining events, the circus inside City Hall Thursday morning could probably qualify for a few bucks.

    The regular meeting of the Brownfield City Council devolved into a confusing chorus of raised voices, pointed fingers and personal accusations that led to no resolution of the strained relationship between the city and the Chamber of Commerce over the administration of hotel occupancy tax funds.
  • BIDCorp to support hospital bond

    Recognizing that Brownfield Regional Medical Center supports one of the largest payrolls in Terry County, the board of directors of the Brownfield Industrial Development Corp. expressed its support Monday for the hospital’s effort to build a new facility in the city.

    The BIDCorp. board informally instructed executive director David Partlow to pen a letter of support for their signatures at its next meeting.
  • Experts urge BIDCorp to pursue Winery Estates plan
    Two vineyard experts and a prospective tenant addressed the Brownfield Industrial Development Corp. Monday and encouraged the group to continue its efforts to develop the long-vacant industrial park into the High Plains Winery Estates, an innovative plan to locate up to eight wineries and tasting rooms, a wedding chapel and convention center on the 100-acre tract on the city’s southwest corner.
  • PAC to promote hospital bond

    One of Brownfield’s most well-respected businessmen has agreed to lead a newly-formed political action committee (PAC) in support of the bond election to build a new hospital in the city.

    Tony Isaacs, owner/operator of Brownfield Floral, told the Brownfield News on Friday that he’s looking forward to educating the voters of Brownfield to the benefits of an all new medical facility.

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