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  • Airport hangar project underway
    Work is well underway at a long-awaited project to build five new hangars at Terry County Airport, with hopes of completing the new buildings before...
  • Brownfield Power & Light honored for safety
    Crew members of Brownfield Power and Light were honored Tuesday with the department’s 26th annual recognition for no time lost to a work-related injury. Only one city in Texas -- Fredericksburg -- has more with 27 years. Electric Superintendent Jeff Davis said the recognition represents more than a half million man hours by his crew, which includes: Cat Gonzales, Jonathon Olivas, Dale Matlock, Eric Pauda, Freddy Sims, Tad Jourden, Jose Jiminez, Alex Llamas, Arthur Bingham and Texas Electric Cooperatives Loss Control Specialist Phil Henricks.

  • Vineyards continue to spread in Terry County

    Vineyard acreage in Terry County already is significant enough to consider our home turf the Grape Capital of Texas, and the rapid expansion of the fledgling industry will only continue to cement the title.

    As many as 3,000 acres of wine grapes are expected to be planted in the county by the end of 2015, with experts predicting several times as many in the not-so-distant future.
  • This Issues Inserts
    Click here to get a PDF version of inserts placed in this issue of the Brownfield News.
    This Osprey Helicopter landed at the Terry County Airport to replace a sensor. This video is after they have fixed the problem and are taking off.
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